Michigan Italian Greyhound Rescue
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Michigan IGCA Rescue Adoption Application

Information and Requirements
It is vital to keep your Italian Greyhound ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES outdoors if not in a fenced area.  Italian Greyhounds are sight hounds and will chase small moving objects regardless of danger, including rabbits, birds, and squirrels.  NEVER "trust" your Italian Greyhound won't run away!

You  must agree to keep your Italian Greyhound as a pet in your home as a part of your family.  This breed should not be outdoors or left outside unattended for any extended period of time.

You must agree to have your rescue dog wear an identification tag at all times, IGCA Rescue will provide all rescue dogs with an identification tag free of charge.

You must agree to maintain necessary vaccinations recommended by your vet and be responsible for licensing your dog according to regulations in your community.

You must contact the IGCA Rescue Rep and provide notification of any change in contact information from that listed on this application.

You must notify the IGCA Rescue Rep if you cannot keep your rescue dog for any reason.  The rescue dog may not be given to a humane shelter, other rescue group, or individual, without the consent of the IGCA Rescue. 

A nonrefundable donation is requested at the time of adoption.  The pricing guidelines are found on page 3 of the adoption agreement and are based on the age of the dog and the state in which the dog is adopted.  More information regarding donation amounts can be obtained from the Rescue Rep or Area Coordinator in your area.  The IGRF Rescue fund is maintained by the IGRF Treasurer and all donations are payable to the "IGRF Rescue".  The IGRF Rescue fund is comprised of donations by IGCA members, those interested in the well being of the breed, and adoption donations.

IGCA Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption.


I understand that IGCA Rescue reserves the right to repossess the rescue dog should any portion of this contract be breached by the adopter(s) or if it determined the rescue dog is abused or neglected in any way.



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MI IGCA Rescue Adoption Application
This website is undergoing maintenance. Please use our sister website: http://igrescueohio.org/volunteer.htm
Michigan Italian Greyhound Rescue is all volunteers.  Please be patient if a response is a little delayed, Michigan IG Rescue is run by volunteers.  Thank you in advance for your patience . 

Home or Cell Phone:
Best Time to Call: 
Work Phone: 
Email Address:
Occupation & Employer: 
Spouse's Occupation: 
Please tell us why you want to adopt an Italian Greyhound?
Have you ever had this breed before?
If yes, is the dog still residing with you? If not, please explain.
If you have not had this breed, please explain how you learned about Italian Greyhounds
Do you currently own or have you owned a pet(s) in the past ten years? If yes, what kind(s) and what is the current status of your pet(s)?
Are all dogs/cats currently owned spayed/neutered?
Are all dogs/cats currently owned vaccinated?
Do you use heartworm preventative?
Please list your veterinarian's name and phone for current or past pets (if applicable).
Do we have permission to contact your veterinarian as a reference?
Have you ever given an animal away or surrendered one to a shelter?
 If yes, please explain.
Have you ever applied to any other rescue group? If yes, please provide name and telephone number. 
Was your application approved? If no, please explain.
Have you ever bred a pet?
Do you currently breed any animals?
Which of the following best describes your current living situation? (aka: own/rent house, apartment, condo,etc.)  If renting, please include written permission from landlord.
Name of Landlord:
Does your landlord allow pets?
Any restrictions?
Do you have a private yard?
Is your yard fenced?
Type and height of fence:
Can the gate be opened from the outside?
Do you have a dog door? If yes, does your dog have access to the yard when no one is home?
If you do not have a fenced yard, are you willing to take the dog out on lead as often as every several hours to relieve itself? 

How and when will your dog get exercise?
Do you have a lot of stairs, balconies, or tall decks?
​Do you have a pool?  If yes, is it completely fenced so that pets cannot get to it without supervision?
​Do you use a lawn service or use chemicals on your yard?
Is everyone in your home agreeable to adopting an Italian Greyhound?
Do you frequently have visitors?
Children visitors?
Who will be the primary caregiver of your rescue dog?
Do you travel often? If yes, who will take care of your IG when you are gone?
Is the dog a gift?
For whom?
How many hours a day will your IG be left alone?
Please list all adults in the household and the hours they are typically home.
Please list all children in the household along with their ages/interests.
Will children be expected to care for the dog? If so, in what capacity?
Does anyone in the home have pet related allergies?
Would you describe the activity level in your household as high, medium,or low?
Where will your rescue stay at night?
Are you aware each rescue dog may have potty accidents, dig, chew or display other undesirable behaviors while adjusting to their new surroundings?
If the dog makes a mistake, please describe what kind of correction you will make.
Have you ever crate trained a dog before?
If no, do you object to the discriminate use of a crate or a lidded wire pen as advised by your IGCA Rep? If yes, please explain.
Are you willing to purchase a crate/pen if you do not have one?
Are you planning on paper training?
How do you feel about animals on the furniture? 
Do you plan on attending classes or any other dog activity with your dog?  If yes, what kind? 
What do you plan on feeding your IG?
Do you feed once a day, twice a day, free feed or other?
Do you have a preference regarding the age and/or sex of your rescue dog?  If yes, please explain.
Would you consider something other than your stated preference?
Would you consider a special needs dog?
Older dog?
Are you willing/able to be financially responsible for all routine, unexpected and emergency medical care for your rescue dog?
Do you agree to contact IGCA Rescue and return this IG if ever you find you cannont keep him/her?
Please provide the name and phone number of two non-family individuals who can serve as references:
May we contact your references and one family member to do a home visit to your home to verify the information you have provided?
Do we have permission to do a follow up visit after adoption?
Do you have additional comments that will assist us in our consideration of placing a dog with you?
Where will your rescue be during the day if your not at home.