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Surrendering Through IG Rescue

We are committed to making sure all Italian Greyhounds in Michigan have safe and loving homes. Rescue accepts dogs from a variety of sources; including shelters, owner release, dogs from other rescues. Ultimately if a dog is in a good home we would prefer it stay there.

If you own an Italian Greyhound and feel you must rehome your dog, we are happy to help. Please keep in mind we are not generally able to take a dog the same day, or even week you contact us. Our foster homes are almost always full, and we have limited resources in terms of space and transportation. However, we always do our best to ensure the dog lands in a safe place. We do not want dogs to end up in kill shelters, unsuitable homes, or stray. As long as you are prepared to be a little patient we will be able to work with you.

If you are considering releasing your dog please complete our Release Request and email it to miigrescue@yahoo.com. We will give owners with a completed form priority for intake. This form helps us place the dog in an appropriate foster home the first time, to avoid moving a dog multiple times in rescue. Rescue is a resource for all IG owners, and if you need some training help, advise or support we are here for you. Under the best circumstances, an owner will contact us for help before the situation is dire. If you want to keep your dog, we will do what we can to assist you! If a dog must be rehomed we will not turn a dog away due to health or behavioral problems.

We greatly appreciate if you are able to have your dog vetted prior to release; including a heartworm test, any updating on shots, dental, or especially spay/neuter. IGCA Rescue is a non-profit organization that is funded entirely by donations. If you are able to complete any vetting prior to release it means we are better able to help dogs coming from sources other than owners.

When releasing a dog to rescue, the owner is asked to bring:

current copies of the dog's vet records (from the vet) and any other paperwork for the dog,
a few cups of food the dog has been eating
a donation to help cover costs to rescue ($75 is suggested)
At the time of release, the owner is asked to transport the dog at least part of the way to the foster home. Depending on the distance we can sometimes arrange for partial transport. Rarely a dog can be transported entirely by volunteers. It depends entirely on each unique situation. Your local rep will be able to work out the details of release.

When meeting our volunteer for the release, please do not bring young children or other pets. You will be asked to complete a release form. At that time you will give the dog, food, paperwork and donation to the volunteer. If you have anything else you would like to send with the dog, or you do not need anymore due to releasing the dog we take donations of dog related items. Crates and coats are especially helpful in our efforts. If you are willing to donate a crate with the dog, please inform the rep you contact.

In order to protect the privacy of our adopters, we cannot release any information to former owners about a dog's new home. We do our best ensure each dog that passes through rescue finds a home that will offer the pet a second chance at the forever home they deserve.

Likewise, your information is kept confidential. We do not share identifying information from releasing homes with adopters. Please contact your local rep if you need help, or know of an IG in need.
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